About Acutalks

AcuTalks is a media outlet devoted to creating and sharing quality content that elevates the Acupuncture Profession. Our mission is to make resources available for Acupuncturists, other health care providers and the public about its practice.

As an Acupuncture Student, founder Isang Smith was concerned about the common misconceptions regarding Acupuncture and wanted to spread the word about the history, science and efficacy of this Medicine. Through videography and social media, Isang wants to inspire change and spread awareness about Acupuncture and its role in pain management, preventative care and overall health and wellness.

AcuTalks highlights stories relevant to the Acupuncturist experience and fosters dialogue within and between healthcare professions. We aim to feature thoughtful, informed, and authoritative information about all aspects of the practice of acupuncture. Subscribe to our free newsletter for updates about our new videos, events and how you can get involved.