She overcame emotional pain through Acupuncture...

She overcame emotional pain through Acupuncture

She was in emotional pain, and for some time couldn't find any definite answers on how to treat it.

Then she tried Acupuncture.

Not only did she find the help she needed through this incredible medicine, but her whole life transformed.

Now, she is the one providing Acupuncture, and helping patients in need.

We had the opportunity to interview Nicole DeLorey ( Nicole DeLorey L.Ac ) for AcuTalks! An incredible practitioner and instructor, she shared with us more about how she found Acupuncture, what she specializes in, what trigger points are, and what she believes the future holds for the profession.

Learn more about her Acupuncture beginnings in Episode 1.…/

*patient filmed with informed consent*
*The opinions expressed in this interview are the subject's own and do not reflect the view of TSCA*

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