Who Am I? I'm Your Acupuncturist

Who Am I? I'm Your Acupuncturist

Today We Graduate.

If there was one Graduation Gift we could ask from you, it would be to Watch this video and SHARE it with others. Tag an Acupuncturist, share it with someone that gets Acupuncture. Help raise awareness about our story and what we provide.

Today marks a pivotal moment for my classmates and I to receive our Master of Science Degree and become Acupuncturists.

But while Acupuncture is becoming popular in mainstream medicine, we can still do more to educate and clear up common misunderstandings surrounding it.

Acupuncture Medicine can address a wide variety of health issues such as allergies, eczema, depression and musculoskeletal disorders. It can be instrumental in combating large issues such as the opioid epidemic, chronic pain (which is costing the U.S. over $700 Billion annually), and even infertility.

This profession is having a profound impact on modern medicine. It has already supported countless individuals and communities worldwide for healthcare.
But more outreach is needed to raise awareness and connect practitioners with those who are in need of it.

We're here to empower patients, provide quality healthcare in a cost effective manner, as well as provide preventative healthcare.

So, in the spirit of Graduation and our next adventure, SHARE this video if you Love Acupuncture and this message resonates with you :)

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