Why should other healthcare professionals refer to Acupuncturists?

Why should healthcare professionals refer to Acupuncturists?

What differentiates Acupuncturists from those who do Dry Needling?

What can we look forward to for our profession when we collaborate with other healthcare professionals and share what our Medicine is truly about? 

Watch this final episode on Nicole DeLorey L.Ac​ to hear what she believes is possible.

She reminds us that we are a healthcare system that has proven the test of time. And if we stay true to our medicine, continue to educate other professionals about it and why they should refer to us, the future is very bright.

We had the opportunity to interview Nicole DeLorey ( Nicole DeLorey L.Ac ) for AcuTalks! An incredible practitioner and instructor, she shared with us more about how she found Acupuncture, what she specializes in, what trigger points are, and what she believes the future holds for the profession.


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